The Route

Written by Matthew Fox. Posted in Tracking

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After Liz's Knee injury in April we have had to rethink our route as our new departure date will be at the end of the summer in the northern hemisphere heading to Siberia is probably not the best Idea. As we already have our work and travel visas for Canada all but arranged we will start our adventure there, we aim to fly into Vancouver in time for the recruitment day for Whistler Blackcomb where we hope to spend the winter working. Whistler will always be a special place to us as it is where we got engaged.

Hopefully with employment for the winter arranged we'll head up into the Yukon territories for 6 weeks of exploration before returning to Whistler to enjoy the winter season.

After the winter we'll head east towards Banff, Jasper and Edmonton and then Pick up the The Trans Canada Adventure Trail to cross the country towards Newfoundland and Labrador. after this we'll head back towards Toronto and Niagara Falls and then Cross in to the USA.

In the USA well Travel down the east Coast visiting Liz's brother in New York and the Heading for music city, Nashville Tennessee. After this we'll head North west toward Montana and ride the Can2Mex trail down the western side of the USA. A tour of the south western states is our next itinerary Including highlights such as Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas (we'll have to behave our selves as we can't blow the budget) San Francisco and San Diego.

We enter mexico by riding the Baja Peninsula before crossing on to main land mexico and contiuning our journey south through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In San Jose we've been give a contact were we hope that we'll start some voluntary work with young people in the slums. Then we ride to Panama where we'll have to find our way round or over the Darien Gap (a Roadless jungle wilderness filled with bandits) to get to South America.

In south America we'll either arrive in Coumbia or Equador and we'll start our ride down the spine of the Andes to Lima the capital of Peru. We then cross the Andes and then ride along in the infamous Camino Del Muerte ( the most dangerous rod in the world) in to La Paz. From Boliva we'll carry on heading east Into Brazil through the Amazon Rain forest.

In Brazil the compass will start to point south while we ride to Ushuaia (the last city in the south of argentina) on route we'll pass though Montevideo, Buenos Aries and Patagonia before negotiating  the winds of Ruta 40. The final stage of this part of our adventure will be riding north to Santiago.

Obivously this is just a rough outline of our adventure and really we'll be making it up as we go along taking advice on good things to see and do with out a rigid time table having to be any where on any particular day.

If you our interested in the original plan across Eurasia that we were going to undertake before Liz hurt her self and we'll probably revisit in the future follow this link.