Friends of Mud and Knobblies

Zen Overland


Zen Overland is based in Somerset and the owner has used experience in both overland travel and off road racing to supply quality aftermarket motorcycle parts. 

The Ted Simon Foundation

We are really proud to be Jupiter's Travellers and members of the Ted Simon foundation. Ted Simon is the Author of Jupiter's Travels and the Inspiration for many round the world travellers and the foundation encourages those who adventure into the world to go the extra mile and transform their experiences into something of value for the world to share.
Forcefield Body Armour

Matt Has used Forcefield Body Armour for years green laning and on his previous trip to morocco, They were always our first choice for this adventure.

Horizons Unlimited


This is THE website for motorcycle and overland travel anything you want to know about border crossings, carnets and motorcycle travel you will find advice and help here.

Adventure Travel Books By Sam Manicom

Sam Manicom is one of our heroes and inspirations for our travels, after only riding a motorcycle for a few weeks he set off on a round the world adventure over many years. His books are a joy to read and if you get to see him do a presentation on his travels it's well worth it. 

Kickstart Motorcycle Training

Kickstart Motorcycle Training in Keynsham outside Bristol manged to get both of us through our bike tests, and  as well as being top motorcycle instructors they are all nice people.

The MT Riders Club


This web forum is the font of all knowledge regarding the Harley Davidson MT 350e and Armstrong MT 500, Better than any owners manual you'll ever buy.