Welcome to Mud and Knobblies

Written by Matthew Fox. Posted in Front Page

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We are Matt and Liz Fox and in 2013 we intend to embark on an epic round the world adventure going through many diverse cultures and landscapes. We hope to be able to share our experiences with the world and hopefully encourage others maybe to undertake an experience they always wanted but were too afraid to try.

Our chosen method of travel is motorcycle, something that Matt has limited experience of having made 2 overland trips to Dubrovnik in Croatia and Morocco in previous years, Liz however only passed her motorcycle license in June 2012.

Liz is the heroine of this adventure, as she only passed her motorcycle test in June 2012 coupled with the fact that she is a manifesting carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy making this adventure a shock to her system. Her condition means that although she appears fit and healthy her muscles are weaker than they should be for some one of her age and stature, but her riding and her confidence on the bike is progressing well.

Our chosen steeds are CCM SR40 motorcycles, we chose them after ignoring a lot of advice from people and on the basis of seat height as Liz is only 5'3" with little legs, but also the bikes look pretty awesome. We have had masses of help from Gabriel at Zen Overland in getting them ready for travel. Another great thing about CCM is that they are a British brand and we have tried to keep to this philosophy for the rest of our equipment including: jackets, trousers, armour and boots.

In October 2013 we were proud to be announced as members of the Ted Simon Foundation and Jupiter's Travellers. The foundation aims to use world travel to promote more understanding in the world by encouraging travellers to turn their adventures into something that the world can share. The foundation will help us produce a film of our adventure.

If you enjoy our stories and the content on this website please try and find a few quid to give to a very worthy cause: The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. We both support the work of this fantastic charity and the work it does for those suffering with muscular conditions such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.